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Plant Stem Cells – The Future of Skincare

Mar 13, 2013 | 0 comments

17 years ago I stepped onto my skincare path at the Aveda Institute of Minneapolis. At the time, the school was still owned by Aveda’s Founder, Horst Rechelbacher.

Attending the program at that time was a truly amazing experience for the 20-year old me, opening my eyes, ears and awareness to the philosophy of Ayurveda (Sanskrit for The Science of Life); Plant-based products; Organic eating; the many styles of Yoga; Essential Oils vs. Synthetic fragrances.

I was hooked. On skincare as self-care. On Yoga. On the study of Ayurveda. On the products (for a time). I haven’t worn a synthetic perfume or lotion since.

As I ventured into my career, I learned and experimented with literally thousands of products and learned new philosophies in skincare technology, and became hooked on other lines as well, for a time, until the next greatest product line came along. Aveda products have always held a special place in my heart (and olfactory system) but fell out of favor as my most highly recommended product line when I found more effective, result-driven products.

Last night I attended an event where the keynote speaker was Horst Rechelbacher, Founder of Aveda, Founder of Intelligent Nutrients.

I was delighted to hear him speak about his current passion and vision, which is all about Plant Stem Cells & Organic Farming.

He talked about having to let Aveda go because he couldn’t do what he truly wanted to do with it anymore. He sold Aveda to Estee Lauder in 1997 and turned his focus to Intelligent Nutrients, which is a certified organic, non-toxic, food-based product line (meaning, you can eat it, if you want.)

Plant Stem Cells are truly one of the most amazing discoveries & breakthroughs of our time. It’s all the rage in the skincare industry, and it’s spreading to all facets! From Medical-grade, Physician-only lines to USDA Certified Organic lines, this is now the focus.

Horst explained about how Plant Stem Cells work (they protect the life of healthy cells) and how they are sustainable (self-replicating, the host needn’t die to keep the process going).

I’ve been a believer in Plant Stem Cell Technology in Skincare since Image Skincare launched the Max Serum in 2009. I began using it immediately and I believe I haven’t aged a day since 😉

I am over-the-moon excited about the effectiveness, safety, sustainability and just plain magic of Plant Stem Cells, and now the vast options there are and will be!

My new product line, Lira Clinical, is a new enough line that they incorporate Plant Stem Cells in to EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT they offer, and have just launched several new products and treatments ~ and for now, Complexions On Carter Skincare Boutique is the only place you can get these amazing products.

 This year my vision is to expand my products offerings to include more of the very best there is.  If you have a favorite product, please comment below or email

 Thank you!