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March Moon & All That's New….

Mar 20, 2018 | 0 comments

March is my birthday month, so it's always a reflective time of year for me. It's kind of like my own personal New Year. This year, March has been absolutely and totally transformational. 

International Women's Day was a few weeks ago.  

In my meditation that day, I spoke aloud the names of the women in my life. I felt the energy of these women, and soon they were rushing to my mind and their names from my lips. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of soul sisters, female friends, family members, clients, even acquaintances that have influenced me, left a lasting impression. 

I realized, deep in my bones, how much support I really have from many, many circles of women. This speaking of names went on for more than 30 minutes and I could have gone on and on for much longer. I realized, deep in my soul, that I am not alone. I am held and encouraged and loved by many, and that is a true blessing that I'm called to honor and am inspired to offer this kind of support, encouragement and love to all the women I encounter every day.

Three days later, I turned 42 years old. I've had a profound sense of reaching a halfway point in my life, and holding the question: What is coming in the next half?  

The first half has been a journey that includes living, learning, loss, grief, suicide, darkness, abuse, betrayal, heartache, failure of epic porportion (at least it felt that way sometimes) getting up, stumbling down, travel, learning to accept myself, finding a foothold, gaining traction, learning to love myself, finding true love with my husband, entrepreneurship, marriage, motherhood.

My field of study has been all about skincare, yoga, meditation, spirituality, earth wisdom, intention-setting, writing, business ownership and healing & holistic personal care practices. 

In light of the New Moon & Vernal Equinox in these last few days, there's been an internal shift that is expanding it's reach to my business practices and suddenly, it's a whole new world of integration and the creation of these holistic & healing experiences for those who come to see me, ready to invest time and money into their own self care.

My business philosophy has always been Skincare = Self Care, and now I'm taking it a step (or two) further for those who want to join me on this Healing Path, because this is what the Women of the World need now.

Because the more we breathe deeply, the more stress we release from our bodies, from our minds. The more we write down what it is we want to create, the more our subconscious minds get the message and begins to get into alignment with it. The more we practice visualizing ourselves as happy, content, abundantly successful, the more we feel it & become it. The more we share our dreams, passion and inspiration, the more we raise our vibration.

Because the more we do all of these things, the better it is for our SKIN.

Come see me. You are cordially invited to join me. 

I'm ready to share all I know with you, and learn what you have to teach.

It's a New Beginning. 

What do you want to create? 

Tell me about it.