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Awesome Aging vs Anti-Aging

Mar 29, 2018 | 0 comments


The “Anti-Aging” rhetoric is a message that is infused into our society and into the minds of women everywhere. This propaganda beats the drum of “growing older is unattractive” and “stay looking youthful at any and all cost” and “your appearance defines you” and “You are losing value as you age”.

NO. I don’t buy that and I don’t want you to, either.  

“Anti-Aging” is simply ridiculous. We are aging a day at a time, and if we are anti-aging, we are not living. We are not growing. Every time I hear that term, I cringe. I won’t use that term in my practice. I prefer the phrase “Awesome Aging” because I believe in embracing the benefits of growing older. As we grow older, we grow wiser. 

A very wise, lovely older woman with lots of white hair who sees me for skincare and meditation noticed I was sprouting my first few white & grey hairs, and complimented me on them. 

“Your wisdom is growing stronger” she said. “White hairs = WISE hairs,” she said with authority. 

I love that. 

I decided that day not to cover them up. 

I became curious to see what they do and how it looks as they grow in.

With wisdom comes a sense of calm. 

A better understanding of life’s ups and downs, and the increased ability to ride those waves.  

We come to know that when things seem to falling apart, they will fall together in a new, improved way. 

We have a broader worldview and an increased capacity for compassion and understanding.

We learn to believe in ourselves and know what we are capable of. 

We’ve been through difficult times and we know who to turn to when we are faced with them again. 

We know who our friends are. 

We know what we like and what we don’t like.

We know Life is Short and there’s no reason to do what we don’t want to do.

We learn to say NO.

We learn to ask for what we want.

We learn to say YES.

We learn to Not Take Things Personally.

We learn to ask for help.

We learn to treat ourselves the way we would like to be treated. 

We learn to treat others the way they would like to be treated.

Our relationships deepen.  

Our resources expand. 

If we hold the attitude of gratitude, enjoy the simple treasures our life offers us, the lines that form in our skin around our smiles and our expressions take nothing away from our beauty. 

When we take amazing care of ourselves -our skin, our face, our body & brain,  our mind, soul & spirit, we truly need not worry that our beauty is fading. Beauty glows from within. 

In my practice, in my Yoga classes, I see countless stunning older women. 

It is not age dependent. 

It’s much more about how we feel about ourselves, love ourselves, care for ourselves and nourish ourselves.

These are the gifts of Aging. These are the reasons why it’s Awesome Aging, in my book.

To begin to see your own beauty, go to your mirror. Look at your face. 

Look into your own eyes. Place your hands on your heart. Say to your reflection, "I love you. I accept you. Feel your heart send loving energy through your arms, into your hands and back to your heart. Touch any area of your body that could use your healing touch. 

Say, "I see that I am light. I know that I am loved."  

Do this every day. No more criticizing anything about your face or body. From this day forward, show yourself that you can care for yourself in the most loving way. You deserve to feel the infusion of  loving energy, for You, from You. 

Bring to mind 3 things you love about yourself.

Because all of the Love, Kindness, Compassion & Understanding you can offer into the world, starts with giving those things to yourself first.

Thank you for reading.