The Complexion Companion

A Holistic Guide to Skincare as Self-care

The Book

Writing books has been a dream on my list for years, so I am starting with The Complexion Companion Guide, a sweet, simple collection of skincare & self-care tips at the foundation of my personal and professional philosophy: Skincare = Self-care.

This book is an extension of my business—an opportunity for me to collect my accumulated knowledge and unique holistic philosophy of skincare in one place. To date, I have worked with thousands of clients to improve, heal and clear their complexions of acne, scarring, and signs of premature aging. Equally importantly, clients have left my care with a better self-image, more confidence that they can care for their skin effectively at home, and a healthier definition of beauty.

My hope is that this book can help me reach even more people with this message of empowerment, healing and self-love.

While great skin is certainly boosted by a monthly facial, the truth is that glowing skin is the result of consistent, daily home care.

It’s the outward reflection of a well-nourished body, a calm and happy spirit and a mind that knows there is so much beauty in the whole being.

Our Philosophy

Skincare = Selfcare

Taking excellent care of yourself is key to feeling good & looking great.

Complexions On Carter ~ Boutique Skincare for the Health & Beauty Conscious.

Corrective Skincare Combined with Traditional Healing Methods.