Our Products

How do I choose the lines I use?

I look for companies that formulate effective, cosmeceutical-grade products free of parabens, synthetic fragrances and other toxic ingredients I’ve learned to beware of applying to my own skin and the precious complexions of my clients! Cosmeceutical-grade products contain higher levels of active ingredients and lower pH levels, so they are able to make changes in the skin. That’s the power of Corrective Skincare at Complexions On Carter!

I use Lira Clinical, Santosha, Image Skincare and Blinc Mascara. Samples of many products available so you can try before you buy!

Our Philosophy

Skincare = Selfcare

Taking excellent care of yourself is key to feeling good & looking great.

Complexions On Carter ~ Boutique Skincare for the Health & Beauty Conscious.

Corrective Skincare Combined with Traditional Healing Methods.