Meet Maggie

Licensed Esthetician and Owner

Complexions On Carter Skincare Boutique
EST. 2012

My Story

As a graduate of the Aveda Institute of Minneapolis, I was trained in the art of Esthiology through the lens of Ayurveda, the 5,000 year-old self-care system known as the Sister Science to Yoga. Ayurveda is the philosophy that inspired Aveda as one of the first “lifestyle brands”.

In the late 90s, I found myself back at the Aveda Institute as an Instructor of the Esthiology program and taught hundreds of student Estheticians in the art and understanding of Holistic Skincare.

A Licensed Esthetician of 23 years, I’ve been fortunate to have worked in all kinds of skincare treatment centers, including spas in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, Denver & Evergreen, Colorado, Sun Valley, Idaho, where I gave facials to Bruce Willis, Demi Moore & their 3 daughters, Marielle Hemingway and more Elite Clientele that came through the Valley during my time there in the early 2000s.

As a Sales Consultant & Educator for Sybaritic, Spa Technology & Equipment manufacturer & distributor in Bloomington, MN, I trained Estheticians both nationally & internationally in the use and application of cutting-edge technology such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL); Ultrasonic wave therapy; Light therapy; Body treatments using Dry, Steam & Wet Sauna therapies.

I spent three years under the mentorship of a classically trained European Esthetician, who immigrated to Minnesota from Budapest, Hungary, bringing ancient techniques & skincare secrets with her. In Europe, the education required to become an Esthetician is several years, which is in contrast to our 6 month program here. Most of our learning happens on the job, working with clients during hands-on practice.

As a Territory Manager & Educator for Image Skincare, I taught Licensed Estheticians & Business Owners to understand & use one of the first professional grade, clinical skincare lines to formulate products without the use of parabens, synthetic fragrances & colors and other chemical concoctions we’ve learned we don’t want in our personal care products!

In 2008, I became a Registered Yoga & Meditation Instructor and spent 5 years working inside CorePower Yoga & Spa in Edina, Minnesota, as both a Yoga Instructor and a practicing Esthetician. As I combined my 2 professions in 1 location, I began to connect the dots more clearly between the Skin + Body + Mind Connection. 

I began to see the benefit of visualization, meditation & yoga for improved skin health, along with other supportive elements such as nutrition & Ayurvedic self-care practices.

In late 2011, I found the cozy & adorable space that would become Complexions On Carter Skincare Boutique. Nestled in a courtyard reminiscent of an old-fashioned European Village, I saw a sign that read “Retail Space Available”. Out of sheer curiosity about what these fairy-tale spaces possibly looked like on the inside, I decided to call the number on the sign to find out.

Within the week, I was checking out the space. The vision was forming in my mind’s eye.

I knew it was a perfect space for my work with both Clients & Esthetician trainings, and I knew I was ready for a place where I could work with clients on my own terms, every step of the way.

My handy husband Dan worked countless hours to create the space that is Complexions On Carter Skincare Boutique – adding trim to the floors, doors & windows; adding vintage crystal chandeliers & furniture; building my front dest & a matching cart for my workspace. 

(He is currently working on the buildout for the expansion in the works!)

Complexions On Carter Skincare Boutique is a living entity that is growing and changing as I continue to learn more about what clients want & need and what I can offer that remains true and in alignment with what I know and my personal philosophies on treating the skin safely and effectively.

The work I do with clients often includes meditation, prayer, intention-setting, affirmations, breathwork (for those who want these things) – along with traditional elements of an amazing facial – masques, massage & deep pore cleansing.

I have worked with thousands of clients to improve, heal and clear their complexions of acne, scarring, signs of premature aging.

I work with clients to create their skincare treatment plan – with me and at home, and where needed, in conjunction with their treatment care plan according to their doctor or dermatologist.

I am not a doctor. I do not diagnose specific diseases or disorders. I do not seek or claim to replace medical care or the advice of your doctor or dermatologist.

In 2017, I began working with the Celluma Pro Light Therapy panel, which is a lightweight, flexible panel that is FDA Approved for the treatment of Acne, Wrinkles and Aches & Pain.

I’ve been amazed and delighted to discover that this is a game-changer like very few things on the market are. I’m seeing clients’ complexions change more dramatically and faster than I’ve ever seen, with regular use of the light therapy combined with the consistent use of the optimal home care products. 

Over the last 2 years, my Skincare + Light Therapy treatments have become so successful that it’s become really challenging to keep up with the requests of current & new clients wanted to come in. I began writing a book in hopes of reaching & teaching more people seeking relief for their skincare concerns. In the process, I’ve realized that the simplest way to reach & teach more clients in a timely fashion is through a program that puts the products, the light therapy device AND the pertinent information in their hands, in their homes.

SO I’ve created the Clear Your Complexion Course – a comprehensive package that contains everything you need to dramatically improve your skin AND your psyche from the comfort of your own home, in a matter of weeks.

While great skin is certainly boosted by a monthly facial, the truth is that glowing skin is the result of consistent, daily home care. It’s the outward reflection of a well-nourished body, a calm & happy spirit, a mind that knows there is so much beauty in the whole being.

Our Philosophy

Skincare = Selfcare

Taking excellent care of yourself is key to feeling good & looking great.

Complexions On Carter ~ Boutique Skincare for the Health & Beauty Conscious.

Corrective Skincare Combined with Traditional Healing Methods.

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Our Philosophy

Skincare = Selfcare

Taking excellent care of yourself is key to feeling good & looking great.

Complexions On Carter ~ Boutique Skincare for the Health & Beauty Conscious.

Corrective Skincare Combined with Traditional Healing Methods.