Rent the Celluma Pro Light Therapy Panel for $500 for 4 weeks!

Comprehensive Package pricing: $1500 (best value) Includes: 4 Treatments  (Deluxe facials with Microderm, Peels & Light Therapy - $720 value) Complete Customized Home Care Product Package (full size retail products-$250-300 value) 4 Weeks of Device Rental - Use...

Clear Your Complexion Course

NEW ~ Clear Your Complexion Course is in the works and ready to go for a limited number of clients (10 max) this month! If you've seen me in the last year and a half, you've certainly heard me talking excitedly about the Celluma Light Therapy I'm using that is FDA...

Signature Facial

60 minutes of Relaxation, Rejuvenation & Results



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  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliation
  • Extractions as needed
  • Massage for face, neck, shoulders, décolleté, hands & arms
  • Hydrating treatment masque
  • Pressure points
  • Breathwork

One optional add-on included: Brows or Gua Sha sampler

Holistic High Performance Facial

Experience Whole Body Wellness in this Unique, Deluxe Treatment


More Details
  • Cleansing 

  • Exfoliation (with microdermabrasion upon request); 

  • Softening & Brightening Mask 

  • Deep pore cleansing (extractions); Balancing movements & Breathwork

  • Massage of face, shoulders, neck, décolleté, hands & arms) 

  • Gua Sha to increase lymphatic flow and microcirculation with White Jade Stone

  • Specialty Mask for Hydration

  • Brow shaping, brow & lash tint Light Therapy to increase collagen

  • synthesis, reduce inflammation and boost results

Turn Back Time Treatment

Lift years from your complexion and see your skin lighter, brighter, supple, hydrated and incredibly smooth!


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Signature Facial + Microdermabrasion & Gua Sha Facial Sculpting Protocol

Microdermabrasion is essentially a vacuum to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cell buildup

In Gua Sha, I use a White Jade stone to Sculpt the skin and penetrate essential active ingredients gently and deeply into the skin. 

Gua Sha is a technique based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is works to increase flow of energy and fluids through the meridians, or energy channels from the body to the face.


Acne Facials

60-75 mins, No Medication. No Hormones. No Pain. Perfect for teens and young adults dealing with breakouts.


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Acne can be painful, persistent, stubborn. The mental and emotional effects of Acne can be devastating. This treatment is designed to clear your clogged pores as gently as possible and eliminate the bacteria that allows it to thrive with the use of Professional grade Acne products combined with the gentle healing of Light Therapy. Traditional medical treatments for Acne may include prescription medication, oral or topical antibiotics or hormones.At Complexions On Carter, we focus on offering a holistic approach for the treatment of Acne. 

Complexion Express

30 mins, Focus on immediate skincare concerns


The Chuck Norris Treatment

(For Men Only)

Cleansing, Exfoliation (get rid of those flakes!), Extractions (get rid of those blackheads & bumps), Brows, Ears & Nose Hair Cleanup, Massage, Hydrating Masque


Customized Complexion Power Peels

A series of peels offers the opportunity to gradually introduce progressive treatments for optimal results. Available in packages of 3 or 6.

*add microdermabrasion to any facial: $32.00




3 Peels: $260

6 Peels: $480


Brows: $33   |   Lip: $17

Brows, ears, nose cleanup package $50.00


Brow $33.00

Lash $33.00

Full Eye Treatment $77.00
Includes Ageless Eye masque, brow shape and brow & lash tint

Our Philosophy

Skincare = Selfcare

Taking excellent care of yourself is key to feeling good & looking great.

Complexions On Carter ~ Boutique Skincare for the Health & Beauty Conscious.

Corrective Skincare Combined with Traditional Healing Methods.