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How Do You Take Care Of Yourself?

Feb 7, 2019 | 0 comments

I am wondering….

How do you take care of yourself? 

Do you have a commitment in place to prioritize your own well-being? 

Do you know, or rather, have you accepted what it means to put your own oxygen mask on, before attempting to help someone else?

This is a struggle for so many of us. 

Doesn’t life seem to be incredibly full of work, responsibilities to meet, tasks to complete? 

Does it feel like the many ways we now have to communicate with each other might be creating MORE work to keep up?

Phone calls, text messages, emails, Direct Messages & Messenger via all the various social media channels…

Last week, I caught the flu. 

Also, the Polar Vortex hit Minnesota. 

These 2 events created a complete toss-up of everything I had on my schedule last week AND this week – client appointments canceled – some because schools were closed and they were home with kiddos, some because I found myself too sick to work. 

I can’t remember being so sick before. 

I’ve never taken this many days off work, unplanned.

As I am forced to slow waayyy down, just at the point in time when I was planning to amp waaayyy UP, I am contemplating and marveling at the sheer administrative duties it takes to arrange to take a few sick days, accepting my own human-ness as something that simply has to be honored, instead of treated as a minor obstacle.

As a Mom and as a Business Owner, there’s a lot to juggle when I realize I cannot keep up with the schedule I’ve set for myself. 

This juggling adds to the overwhelm and procrastinates the ability to actually rest and recover.

As a Spiritual Seeker from way back, I know that there is often a deeper meaning to the things that throw us off our track. A bigger lesson and sometimes even a Mission, should we choose to acknowledge and accept it. 

I’m not exactly sure what this is all about – simply a common case of a virus that’s going around? 

Or is it a sign from my Higher Self System that something isn’t quite aligned with what’s truly best for all involved?

I do know I need to be healthy to be fully functional. 

I need to charge my battery and restore my energy. 

At this point, that means Surrender, Rest, Patience & Trust. 

Surrendering to the reality of what is happening now.

Rest and allow my Self to repair, recover, recharge and renew.

Patience with the process.

Trust that I am supported by people and energies seen and unseen and that everything is going to work out just fine.

The world is not going to fall apart based on my inability to perform skincare treatments for a short while (which feels like a very long time but in the big picture, is not)

Whatever the case may be, Thank you for reading my words. 

Writing about what’s going on helps me, every time.

Be Well! If you’re not well, take your time and take excellent care of your Self.