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My Best Tips For Glowing, Healthy Skin

Feb 22, 2021 | 0 comments

Three years ago I knew it was time to write the book I’d been wanting to write for….what feels like forever!

I’ve been practicing & educating about skincare for 25 years, and teaching Yoga & meditation for 10 years.

I’ve spent countless hours reading, studying and practicing, always making the effort to understand and grasp these endlessly vast topics better, so I can apply them to the ultimate goal of radiant health, lots of energy, feeling amazing in my own skin & spirit, and helping my clients feel amazing in their skin & spirits, too.

The thing that had been holding me back from compiling my best holistic skincare advice was the big question: Where to even begin? What to cover with the endless possibilities?

One early spring day in 2018, I sat down with my friend Hilary Jastram, writer & editor, and told her I wanted to write a really good, truly helpful book that included all the things I really believe in and want to teach.

As I created my first outline for the book, Hilary & I talked about the questions & concerns clients bring to me, and the deeper conversations about how the condition of our complexion is intricately linked to how we see and feel about ourselves.
We talked about the feeling of standing in the skincare product aisle, being blasted with high-level marketing & packaging over ineffective products, not knowing what to choose. The feeling of having ‘tried everything’ and nothing has worked to alleviate the pain, which is physical, mental and emotional, when it comes to our face.

It’s not a sign of vanity to care about the health and appearance of our complexion.

There’s nothing wrong with someone because they’re dealing with skin issues, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting the issue to go away!

The fact that skincare advice is more than plentiful on the internet is not solving the problem. Confusion is compounded when trying to sift through paid advertisements, celebrity endorsements and the rise of “skinfluencers” on social media making money by sharing their review of products they may or may not be paid to promote.

My clients are seeking simple, solid skincare guidance.

When it comes to making decisions about what products to choose, what order to use them in and understanding their benefits, how to determine root causes of concerns like signs of aging, breakouts, blackheads, scarring, excessive dryness & dehydration, rosacea, uneven skin tone, my work is a partnership with my clients in the efforts to take the best possible care of their skin, as a holistic self-care practice.

We do this with a combination of hands-on treatments, product & ingredient recommendations, along with some experimentation & exploration to find what works best. Since there’s not one truth that applies to all, this is a process of discovery to get to know yourself from the inside out, and the outside in.

I have worked with thousands of clients this way, and have learned so much that I am excited to teach & share about this amazingly complex organ and its relationship with the other systems enveloped and held together by our skin.

Skincare = Self-Care

This has been my personal and professional philosophy for more than 2 decades of practice, and it’s the mantra at the foundation of my new, almost-ready-for-release book The Complexion Companion – a Holistic Guide to Skincare as Self-care and upcoming course The Clear Complexion Course – Heal Your Skin Naturally.

My mission is to simplify skincare. To connect the dots between what’s happening inside and how our skin is expressing it on the outside. To offer tips and tools for addressing concerns and supporting our overall health, naturally.

If you’re ready for a deep dive into skin science, myths about skincare, products & ingredients, best & worst habits for the skin, best nutrients for your skin, how movement & meditation benefits your skin, I’ve got you covered!

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I am honored to be a companion and a guide on your skincare journey.