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“Maggie is a reflective and holistic practitioner.  She is a skin healer.”

In my teens I went to a dermatologist for acne.  The doctor’s plan: Differin Gel (now over-the-counter) and oral antibiotics. The plan worked well enough until my early 20s and a re-evaluation meant a change of plans: birth control pills with a marketing angle geared toward acne control.  Then, in my mid 20s, I woke up unable to get out of bed and bear weight on my legs.  In other words, I could not stand.  I had Deep Vein Thrombosis (ultrasound tests showed blood clots in both legs) and orders to discontinue the use of my birth control pills.  After months of self injections, oral blood thinners, and biweekly trips to laboratories for blood draws, the blood clots dissolved and diagnostic lab work revealed that the birth control pills combined with a hereditary blood-clotting factor (Factor V Leiden) caused the DVT.  With this revelation, my acne plan had to change again. This time the dermatologist suggested Accutane.  As she reviewed possible side effects such as birth defects, thinning hair, mood changes, and mental health issues, I nervously responded, “My mom doesn’t think it’s that bad.”  Her response: “Your mom says that because she loves you.”  I then decided to love myself enough to go with the doctor’s second suggestion: Retin-A.  After years of Retin-A and looking like my face was forever molting, I sought the expertise of skin care professional and aesthetician Maggie Miley.  The print advertisement that lead me to Maggie hooked me with Maggie’s motto: Skin Care = Self Care.  Maggie’s signature facial combined with microdermabrasion every 1-2 months and a home routine using the same products used by Maggie means I am now prescription-free and acne-free.  Maggie is a reflective and holistic practitioner.  She is a skin healer.  Looking back on my skin care journey, I realized it took a long time for me to truly care for my skin and myself.  The feeling is liberating and I credit Maggie’s expertise and care. ~ Kate. M.


“Not only was there improvement in my acne, but also for scarring, and fine lines.”

My personal experience with acne started in my early teenage years and has transcended many types of skin care product lines and painful therapies. Acne for me has always largely been affected by my hormones, stress, and diet (dairy, specifically, I have found).  I was moving off birth control when my acne spiraled out of control and I called Maggie out of sheer desperation one evening.  We decided to start the Celluma light therapy. At first it was just a few days a week and then ramped up to daily to speed up my results, where I saw the most results in my skin and balance returned.  Not only was there improvement in my acne, but also in my skin tone, scarring, and fine lines.  I purchased the Celluma and have also been using it on my shoulders and back for acne breakouts and for lower back pain.  Currently I use the light about 3 times a week or more if I am having breakouts and this has allowed me to return to a simple regimen of Lira products – face wash and moisturizer.  I am a minimalist when it comes to products, so having a complex skin regimen is not for me.  Maggie and Celluma have helped me reach my skin goals and regain the confidence that acne deprives me of. ~ Jennifer, Celluma Panel Owner


“I am now a regular customer and recommend Complexions on Carter to everyone I know!!”

Maggie was recommend to me by a co-worker, whose skin I always admired.  I have recently started  to be more conscious of my skin as it has started to  dull with age and more struggles with adult acne brought on by hormonal changes.  My initial consultation with Maggie was everything I needed to hear, her approach to skincare, her philosophies and products were in alignment with my personal self care. After my first two facials, I was amazed with the results, my skin glowed again and it has never felt softer.  I am now a regular customer and recommend Complexions on Carter to everyone I know!! ~ Angela K.


“Maggie is definitely a keeper.”

I moved to St. Paul in 2010 and thought I’d have a hard time finding a new aesthetician. I saw a small review about Maggie in the Mpls/St. Paul magazine and loved that she used organic products. I had tried a few other aesthetician and wasn’t satisfied so I made an appointment with Maggie and found my new girl! My skin always feels clean and smooth when I leave her, not to mention how relaxed I feel. I’ve also added light therapy to my treatments and notice a difference in my skin. Maggie is definitely a keeper. – Hope.T


“I just wanted to let you know that I have been using my Celluma daily for the last 5 days and my skin looks amazing!

The discoloration is fading, my acne is nearly gone, and the texture has improved dramatically. My cheeks are also rosy!  I am going to keep using it for a 7 days straight, then back off a little bit. I love it!  ~ Linnea C. new Celluma panel owner!


“Celluma is the miracle that I’ve been looking for”

Celluma is the miracle that I’ve been looking for the past 18 years of my life.  I developed persistent acne at about 16 and have worked every single day since to try to manage it.  I have seen multiple doctors and dermatologists who all had something else to prescribe.  Everything worked—until it didn’t.  I had been able to manage my acne for about the past 8 years with occasional break outs.  After having my son, plus entering my 30’s, I noticed my skin changing.  More breakouts, bigger cystic acne, more severe scarring.  The acne became so bad that I was avoiding social situations and anxious about being seen without makeup.  Maggie approached me in April of 2017 about trying the Celluma Light therapy.  I took photos prior to the first session, and then took photos again after 4 sessions in a 2-week period.  I couldn’t believe the difference.  The angry red scarring had started to fade, the big blemishes weren’t so inflamed, and the rough look to my skin from clogged pores had smoothed out.  It’s always hard to notice changes to yourself when you look in the mirror every day, but the photos don’t lie.  I continued the Celluma through May and June on a regular basis.  By July, I had very smooth skin.  The bumpy, rough skin had been resolved.  In August I had to retrain myself to start with less BB Cream because I needed far less to cover scars.  It is September now, and I have not gotten a pimple in months.  My skin is smooth and bright.  The scars are next to gone.  I can’t say enough about Celluma Light Therapy and how much it has changed my life.  I’d recommend it full-heartedly. ~ Annie E. Celluma panel owner


“I have noticed significant improvement in my skin.”

In the three months that I have been using the Celluma, along with the skin care products that Maggie has recommended to best treat my skin issues, I have noticed significant improvement in my skin. My hormonal acne would leave red blotches and ice pick scars, but since starting Celluma I have noticed the redness calming and texture of my skin becoming soft and smooth. Breakouts have reduced and, though I still get an occasional breakout, they heal quickly and, best of all, no scars! Prior to my treatments, I would have cystic acne that would pop up every few months, but I have not experienced this type of painful acne since. I also had a couple of sun spots that have started to fade away. For the first time in years, I feel confident leaving my house without makeup to cover my skin. The treatments are enjoyable and calming; I look forward to taking a bit of me time during the days I use the Celluma and trust the products Maggie has recommended as the ingredients are healthy for my skin and body. ~Linnea C.


“The place is very quiet and relaxing and I thoroughly enjoyed this very much.”

I just had my first facial yesterday and scheduled to go back in a month.
Maggie was very caring and listened carefully to what my needs were. She obviously takes that into consideration when giving you your treatment. 
The place is very quiet and relaxing and I thoroughly enjoyed this very much.
She also recommended products for me with absolutely no pressure to buy anything which I appreciated. I highly recommend her and looking forward to return! ~ Irene S.


“Whether you’re getting your first or 107th facial, I’d highly highly recommend Complexions on Carter.”

On the recommendation of my wedding hair and makeup artist, I brought my mom here for her first (my third ever) facial with Maggie, as a little mother-daughter pampering before I get married. We both had a signature facial with microderm. This was a totally different experience than my first two facials, in a great way. Back home in Connecticut, the woman I see is probably true to her eastern European roots and somewhat harsh and clinical, without any chatting. Being new and a latecomer to the professional skincare party, I like being told what’s going on throughout the process, and Maggie was great with that. Extraction was effective but much gentler than I’d previously experienced–huge relief! Maggie is super friendly and we chatted about wedding things the whole time (and her adorable baby!). The salon is super homey and simple, in a cute little shopping “nook”. We went upstairs for an awesome dinner at Muffuletta afterwards. Also, with product, Maggie was really helpful with my questions but not pushy at all. I’ve tried a couple samples she gave so far and will be back for the product. This place makes me wish I still lived in MN, and I’ll be back on future visits. Honestly, with the amazing service, it should have way more great reviews! Whether you’re getting your first or 107th facial, I’d highly highly recommend Complexions on Carter. ~ Tessa O.


 “I had my first treatment today and it was fantastic.”  

Maggie educated me on the products she was using and why she chose them. The space was warm and inviting and it was a truly relaxing experience! ~ Lauran A.


“Skin treatments are all about relaxation, and the ladies delivered!”

My mother and I had facials with Maggie and Kate last night. We were both very impressed! We don’t get weekly facials or anything, but we’ve had our fair share of services over the years. Complexions on Carter is our favorite type of place. Skin treatments for us are all about relaxation, and the ladies delivered!

The fair prices, no sales pitches and no tipping policy help add to the hassle free experience.

Show up early for some flavorful tea and relaxing by the stone fireplace! ~ Melissa S., St. Paul, MN


 “Book an appointment, you will be happy you did!”

This place is amazing.  I had a facial with Kate Williams, and it was a terrific experience.  The shop (that really isn’t the right word–it’s more like a relaxation spa!) is in an adorable little place in St. Paul that I had never been to.  It feels like you are in Europe!  Easy parking.  I did have a bit of trouble finding the sign, however, when you are at the corner of Carter and the cross street, Complexions on Carter is in the adorable tan shops that are across from Dunn Bros.  The sign is a bit tough to see from the street, but once you walk up to the building, you’ll see it immediately.

The space is warm, lovely and wonderful.  Kate was kind and made me feel immediately at ease.  I’ve been having trouble with my skin for a few years now, and I am in my 40s with adult acne.  Rather than yet again try a new product line, I figured it was time to get help from a pro.  I went to the right place.  Kate was extremely knowledgable about what has happening with my skin and gave me great tips.  The facial itself was so relaxing and my skin felt wonderful.  I did purchase the skin care products they sell, but there was no pressue whatsoever.  I made it clear that was a service I was interested in when I started my session.    I felt pampered, that the services I received were a great value, and I will be back–even despite living 2 hours from St. Paul.  Book an appointment, you will be happy you did! ~ Nichole C. Esko, MN 



“Kate does a wonderful job”

Kate does a wonderful job providing valuable information on skin care in a professional way. Her facials are amazing! ~Kathy I. Minneapolis, MN


“I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else ever again” 

I’ve had two facials here (with brow shaping) and just scheduled my third. I’m planning to go once every couple of months. Maggie was warm, friendly and helpful. For my first appointment, I had to cancel at the last minute because I got miserably sick and had to reschedule. I felt horrible about canceling because I knew she probably couldn’t get someone else to fill the slot. She was so understanding about it, I liked her immediately.

I like everything about this place: easy to schedule an appointment online, parking lot in the back, beautiful and relaxing space, perfect music choices, etc. Maggie asks a lot of questions before the appointment so I felt like things were really customized to my needs. Then during the treatment, she talks just the right amount – she let’s me know what is happening but keeps it mostly quiet, calm and relaxing.

I have had facials at other places but Complexions on Carter is by far my favorite. I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else ever again.  ~ Noel M. St. Paul, MN


 “Maggie is an Artist…”

“I’ve had a lot of facials in my almost 60 years and Maggie has my highest regard and recommendation as an esthetician. Maggie is an artist is not satisfied with anything but the highest-quality service to her clients; she is born to do what she is doing!” -Ann B., St. Paul Minnesota


“Best Facial I have ever had!!”

“Best Facial I have ever had!! I was given a facial by Maggie at this spa and it was fantast c! The spa is cute and intimate and she listened to my skin complaints and offered tips to correct them. I ended up making my next facial appointment on the spot and my skin never felt more fresh. I highly recommend going to this spa and making a day of it with lunch at Muffaletta and window shopping in St. Anthony Park :)” ~ Celena O. St. Paul, MN *******************************************************************************************

Our Philosophy

Skincare = Selfcare

Taking excellent care of yourself is key to feeling good & looking great.

Complexions On Carter ~ Boutique Skincare for the Health & Beauty Conscious.

Corrective Skincare Combined with Traditional Healing Methods.

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Our Philosophy

Skincare = Selfcare

Taking excellent care of yourself is key to feeling good & looking great.

Complexions On Carter ~ Boutique Skincare for the Health & Beauty Conscious.

Corrective Skincare Combined with Traditional Healing Methods.