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Dien Chan Multireflexology

May 1, 2019 | 0 comments


I spent the last Saturday, Sunday & Monday in March in a fascinating, intensive training on a technique called Dien Chan Multireflexology – the original method of Facial Reflexology.

As a Licensed Esthetician, Yoga & Meditation Instructor and Holistic Health Advocate, I am always seeking ways to learn & understand more about overall health and how our health is reflected in the complexion. 

When an Esthetician colleague invited me to participate in the 3-day Dien Chan Multireflexology course, I was intrigued and excited to take a deeper dive into the concept of Facial Reflexology. 

I've always been interested in "face mapping", which is to consider the face a microcosm of the whole body that indicates the conditions of the organs & systems within showing up in different zones of the face.

The challenge has been that there are many different 'face maps' available online and in books, and it can be confusing when we see different zones on the 'maps' showing different information.

 The Dien Chan Multireflexology maps & diagrams + Dien Chan's depth of training was incredibly enlightening for better understanding of WHY there are so many maps to choose from, how to determine your path to proceed, and specific tools to treat the zones and work deeper into the body from the face.

There are maps that reflect the muscular & skeletal systems.

Maps that show where the internal organs correspond to points on the face.

Maps that show how to work on the hands, feet, ears & limbs through points on the face.

Formulas of points & zones that allow more specific treatment of internal & systemic conditions.

This is a truly Holistic & Effective way to increase energy (qi) and stimulate whole body healing through work on the face, so you can imagine my excitement to begin this practice for better results.

The best part: this method can be easily integrated into the other modalities I'm already working with. It pairs perfectly with the skincare treatments & light therapy I currently offer.

As with every new modality I bring in, I will introduce a sampling of this method at no additional charge so if you are interested, you can get an idea of what it is, how it feels and I can continue to learn through practical application as well.

In 23 years of hands-on healing, holistic skincare therapy, yoga & meditation instruction, I've been seeking to connect the dots on common skin-related conditions and complexion concerns.

It has taken two decades to grasp this bigger picture because of these Truths: 

1. The skin, as the largest organ, is the outward expression of overall health2. Corrective skincare takes experimentation3. What works for some may not work for all4. What worked for a while may not work long-term5. Healing is a WHOLE SYSTEM phenomena that begins with awareness, acceptance and a desire to heal. Healing gains momentum through consistent actions, and attention to your complexion is no exception.

Factors that contribute to skin concerns & conditions include, but are not limited to: 




Genetic Disposition




If you are interested in a deeper dive into how these factors may be affecting your skin, as well as a kit of products & tools to transform your complexion in 30 days as you learn AND enjoy an incredible new skincare/self-care stress management device that you'll keep and use for years to come, JOIN ME for CLEAR YOUR COMPLEXION beginning June 1st, 2019!