NEW ~ Clear Your Complexion Course is in the works and ready to go for a limited number of clients (10 max) this month!

If you’ve seen me in the last year and a half, you’ve certainly heard me talking excitedly about the Celluma Light Therapy I’m using that is FDA Approved for the treatment of Acne, Wrinkles & Pain.

When I first began using Celluma last spring, it didn’t take long for me to see dramatic results in the complexions of a few clients struggling with acne.

I became such a believer in this method that heals acne faster with No Medication, No Hormones, No Pain.

I thought that if I ordered more devices, they would fly off the shelves… I imagined people lining up around the block to purchase this skincare & self-care device for their home!

Well, it didn’t exactly happen that way… this device isn’t cheap, nor is it an impulse purchase. It is an investment into long-term skincare and self-care. For this kind of investment, commitment to consistent use is required. Consistency is key to succeed in anything, and attention to your complexion is no exception. So, I could see the need to create a comprehensive program that would simply and clearly explain: WHO should seriously consider an investment in a Celluma Light Therapy panel at home Answer: You, if you or your child is struggling with stubborn, persistent, painful, embarrassing acne. You, if you are reluctant to take the typical acne treatments offered by most dermatologists. You, if you are of child-bearing age and aren’t willing to risk your reproductive health in order to “qualify” for a prescription medication that puts your whole body at risk for serious side effects. You, if you are seeing signs of premature aging in your skin and want to boost the health of your skin and your whole body health You, if you are dealing with any acute or chronic pain in your body and wish to manage pain without pain medication and NO damaging side effects. WHAT are the possible root causes of acne, how to pinpoint what is likely causing yours and address this in a holistic way, without the use of medication such as Accutane or Antibiotics WHAT is the science behind light therapy WHEN to use it in combination with a simple home care product regimen to get amazing results WHERE? In the comfort of your own home! HOW to multitask with meditation to tap into the healing power of your own body & mind (relaxing comfortably in your bed under a healing light is the perfect opportunity to use visualization to improve your health, energy, happiness in all areas of your life!) If you or someone you love is ready for a transformed complexion, let’s work together! I will work with you, your teenager or pre-teen to heal the damage acne has on your skin and your psyche. This program includes: 1. Celluma Pro Light Therapy panel (Value: $1595 +tax = $1716.70) 2. Customized kit of home care products based your individual needs and your complete comprehensive consultation form. (Value: $300-$350) 3. The Following Modules: (Value: Priceless, when it works to transform your complexion and your self-image) a. Acne: Causes & Treatments b. Light Therapy: Science & how it works! c. Product theory/How ingredients affect the skin & how to choose products d. Best foods & nutrients for the complexion e. Best & Worst Habits for the skin f. Stress management strategies for your body, heart, mind & spirit g. Learn the fundamental, philosophical difference between Estheticians & Dermatologists AND MORE!! Course price: $1,995.00 for the remainder of 2018. Subject to increase in 2019. If you are interested in participating in this program to transform your complexion with me NOW, hit reply and let me know! We can schedule a phone call this week or next to discuss details!