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31 Ways in 31 Days! Tips for Better Skincare & Self-care Between Facial Appointments

Jun 29, 2018 | 0 comments

1. Cleanse your skin every single night before bed (this can happen anytime between 4pm and bedtime! With wet fingertips, massage a dollop of cleanser into your skin, using small, gently circles. Remove with a warm, damp, soft cloth.

2. Use a serum to address your specific concerns

3. Use a night creme – retinol or peptide creme to prevent premature aging

4. Use a Vitamin C antioxidant serum in the morning on clean skin

5. Use a sunscreen every morning on face, neck and chest

6. Say to your reflection: I love you very much. I am going to have a great day. I am going to smile at others, compliment someone and not take things personally.

7. Drink a big glass of water in the morning, and make sure to drink 64oz every day.

8. Eat a plate or bowl of veggies – either a big salad or steamed veggies every day

9. Eat protein & healthy fats, like an egg & avocado for breakfast 

10. Eat fermented foods – yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut all count

11. Meditate. Begin a with a few minutes in the morning & evening. 

12. With clean hands on clean skin, visualize sending healing energy that begins in your heart, comes through your hands and into your skin. Imagine your skin healing, brightening and tightening. Visualize the complexion you’d like to have

13. Take a walk outside. Short or long, brisk or a stroll, it all counts! Even just around the block.

14. Gratitude Practice- imagine 3 things you love about yourself, 3 things you love about your life and 3 people you are so grateful to have in your life today (this gets easier the more you do it!)

15. Practice Yoga. A little Yoga goes a long way. Find a routine on YouTube that you like and can make time for. Even 5 minutes gets blood flowing and energy going!

16. Use an exfoliating mask once a week. 

17. Body treatment: Dry brush all of your skin – your entire body, at least once a week. Follow with an Epsom salt bath. Soak for 20 minutes (this is a great time to use your mask). After your bath, do Abhyanga, a self massage with oils to deeply nourish and hydrate your skin.

18. Get a solid night’s sleep. Begin your evening practice and getting ready for bed routine early. Do your skincare, write in your journal, do your evening meditation or a relaxing yoga practice. Listen to soft music or have quiet time. Wake up early enough to start the day with some self-care to boost your energy and get ready to serve in the world!

19. Use a Hydrating mask once a week (dry skin) or a Clay mask once a week (oily skin)

20. Attend a yoga class. Focus on beginning or improving your practice for at least 1 hour. 

21. Reduce or eliminate alcohol intake for 30 days

22. Reduce dairy intake for 30 days.

23. Self -facial massage – acupressure points around eyes, at temples, squeeze eyebrows to release tension, gently massage in serum to increase circulation!

24. Kiss the Sky! Tilt head back, look to the right, purse your lips and kiss the sky 10 times! Release to center. Tilt head back, look to the left, purse your lips and kiss the sky 10 times! Feel the stretch through the neck – this is to stretch and lengthen the neck and reduce lines in the neck.

25. Eliminate soda intake for 30 days

26. Focus on fruit & veggie rich soups, salads, smoothies for 30 days to boost your antioxidant intake.

27. Begin or deepen your self-love expression. Before you fall asleep at night, see yourself in your mind’s eye happy, healthy and laughing. 

28. 3 times per day, pause and take 10 deep, slow breaths. This takes about 2 minutes and helps you pause, reset, get centered and proceed from a place of renewed focus.

29. Use an Eye creme – this helps keep the very thin skin around the eyes hydrated, bright and smooth!

30. Include chest and neck in skincare regimen – use your cleansers, serum & creme on your chest and neck and hands, too!

31. Dance! Sing! Laugh! Jump on a trampoline! Be silly and carefree as many moments as you can! This is crucial for reducing stress and letting go of mounting concerns. We can only do so much in a day. We are looking for long-term, sustainable habits that contribute to our health and longevity. Good Health is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual endeavor. We are responsible for how well we care for our selves in every way. How well we care for ourselves directly affects and impacts our quality of life, our relationships and the way we feel about being in the world. We are here for a reason. That reason is to participate in the process of evolution. You can do your part best by taking an interest in your own health, well-being and development of the most important skills, such as Perspective, Humor, Humility, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Compassion and Generosity. These are the 8 Pillars of Joy, according to the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.