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Fall Fever!

Sep 10, 2018 | 0 comments

I live in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes. We enjoy all 4 seasons here, though everyone definitely has their preferences. 

My favorite season is Autumn. 

At the end of our short, hot, humid, sweltering summertime, I am longing for the cool, crisp fall. I call it Fall Fever!

We have incredible fall weather. It can be sunny and warm, with a crispness to the air that makes it perfect to wear sweaters layered over tees, jeans & boots, which is my favorite way to dress. 

The trees turn from lush green to vibrant hues of red, orange, brown, yellow. For weeks, the leaves fall all around and there is something so satisfying about crunching them under my boots as I walk, with more leaves swirling around. 

Halfway through the summer, I’ve had enough of the 90 degree days with high humidity. The kind of air that feels like soup. The kind of heat that has me sweating again as soon as I step out of the shower, feeling like I need another one immediately. My hair is crazy, the underboob sweat nonstop, my face beet red all the time. No thanks!

In longing for the fall, I know it’s coming. It comes every year. But not in July. Not in August, either. September…if we’re lucky! 

I know that every year, fall is coming. If I am impatient and demanding and doubting, I am simply be wasting my own time. 

If I called my friends and said “you said the leaves would change and it would cool off, but it’s not happening.” They would say “Well, it WILL happen. You’ll just have to wait. It’s just the way it is. Sorry.” If I made the decision to live in distrust, throw away all my sweaters, jeans and boots, saying “Looks like I’ll never need these again!” That won’t hurry the fall OR stop it from coming in it’s own time. However, it will mean that I won’t be ready. 

One of my favorite teachers is Dr. Wayne Dyer. I’ve read several of his books, listened to his lectures and seen him speak in Minneapolis a few years before his death.

He spoke and wrote volumes on the topic of manifesting. The best manifestors in the world reiterate the same things: Focus on what you want, specifically. 

Know what you want. Write it down. Look at images of what you want, often. Before you fall asleep at night, before your subconscious mind marinates in the ideas of the conscious, affirm that You Are Well, Abundant, Grateful, Prosperous, Successful, Capable, Divine. See yourself in your mind’s eye exactly as you desire to be. Looking the way you want, laughing, happy, carefree, giving and loving your family and friends. Living the life you want.

This reprograms your subconscious mind from an original paradigm instituted in the young years, or the “Morning” of your life, to a new paradigm that is in alignment with the specific kind of success you desire in the “Afternoon” of your life. 

Then, let it go and know that it’s done. It’s happening. It’s on the way. Detach from the outcome. Relax in the knowing that you are taking action toward your goals and dreams and that action, along with your mindset, is attracting your desires to you.

This paradox can be tricky to grasp, at first. 

It takes practice, just like any skill. It takes development and repetition, just like any muscle.

You can use this practice to visualize your skin looking it’s best, too! 

Studies & science show that our cells respond to our thoughts. 

Our thoughts & the images we hold in our mind act as a guiding light for the cells of our bodies, giving them a boost of intentional energy, which assists them in organizing themselves in the ways that best serve the whole body.

Our minds hold the power to activate healing on a cellular level. 

Here’s a simple 5 step practice for Fall Skincare:

1. Cleanse & gently exfoliate your skin, every evening. When you sleep, your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself. Have a clean slate for the cells to do their healing thing!

2. Apply a Hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid, firming peptides and brightener like Vitamin C & plant stem cells to support your skin to stay youthful, longer!

3. Use a Retinol creme in the evening to keep skin cells turning over & fresh!

4. In the morning, apply a tinted moisturizer with spf 30 after your serum to enhance and protect your complexion.

5. Take a few moments in the morning and evening to breathe deeply, visualize your skin looking clean, clear, bright and fresh. Use the healing energy of your clean hands to send your intention from your heart through your hands, back into your skin. 

This really and truly can boost your results and give you better looking skin! Try it!