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Meditation on Motherhood

May 13, 2018 | 0 comments

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Mamas out there!

8 years ago on Mother’s Day, 2010, I had my first date with Dan. 5 years later, our son was born on Father’s Day! 

This morning, I am meditating on motherhood….

One of my dearest friends had her first baby a few weeks ago. I called to check in last night and hear about how these first whirlwind weeks of life with a newborn are going. I listened as she talked about how the lack of sleep was nearly unbearable, there’s so much laundry, she loves the snuggles from the little ‘nuggler, and in general, she is feeling less productive than usual. I laughed at this, but I know the feeling well!

I pointed out that she has just produced a human being, new life! That’s the most productive thing she’s ever actually done, and now she is in the phase of the 4th trimester, the time when that new life is completely dependent on Mama, so it’s a time to go easy on herself and take really good care of herself so that she can meet those needs.

My friend apologized for not understanding what it was like, and said that if she’d known, she’d have been more supportive of me and other friends in their newborn phases as new mothers.

We talked about how motherhood is something we all grow up observing. Most of us grow up with mothers. We see our mothers or other family members having children. We see kids with their parents and we think we understand what it’s all about.

However, having your own child for the first time brings a learning curve that is vast, humbling, expanding and never-ending. 

The love, the worry, the feeling of not knowing what you’re doing – all of this comes in to your life experience stronger than you expected.

In my life before becoming a mother, I wasn’t sure having children was for me. I wasn’t sure I’d love it, and I saw the commitment level it takes daunting.

I enjoyed the freedom from such responsibility for the first 38 years of my life. I was free to travel, change jobs anytime, go without formal health insurance, start a business, take financial risks that are not recommended when little dependents enter the picture.

My husband felt the similar way. We were on the fence about kids before we were married. As newlyweds, we made the decision to try for a baby. We weren't sure how much trying it would take, and as it turned out, the effort was more than I’d anticipated, though certainly not as much as many couples endure on the journey to parenthood.

After a year of tracking cycles, having fertility-boosting acupuncture, chinese herbs, fertility smoothies, fertility guided meditations (circle + bloom is amazing), multiple tests and procedures, including a surgery to correct a septate uterus, I became pregnant just as we began to talk about letting go of ‘trying’

Finnegan Daniel, The boy who makes me a mother will turn 3 years old next month (he was born on Father’s Day!) 

Watching him grow has been one of the best things about life in these last few years. He loves to play guitar and practice his skateboard. He is a great climber and loves playing at the park with friends. He gives me lots of hugs and kisses and tells me he loves me every day. 

As his mother, I totally adore him and am proud of him. I worry about him and his future and the future of society and the planet for all of our children.

I hope and pray my child (and yours) grows up happy, healthy, well-adjusted, surrounded by good friends and positive influencers.

I pray I can teach him to love himself and be kind to others. 

I pray I can teach him to steer clear of anyone that would hurt his body or his sense of himself.

I pray I can teach him to be a strong and gentle boy and man.

I pray I can teach him to be responsible and reliable. 

I pray I can teach him to manage stress well and take care of himself on all levels.

I pray I can foster his love of music and play and discover more things he loves.

I pray I can teach him to make good decisions for his life.

I pray i can nurture his love of nature, being outside and his sense of being good to the planet

I pray I can teach him to choose a kind, loving and loyal partner and to BE one, as well.

I pray I can show him that he is so very loved and supported by his Mama, and I hope he never doubts it for a second.

I know I’m not alone in these prayers, wishes and hopes for my child. 

I believe these are the Universal desires of Mothers everywhere – that our children are healthy, safe, happy, kind and treated well by others.

We mothers have a huge task in this navigating these little lives, while we contribute to a better world and a brighter future.

My wish for all of you this morning is a day of being loved and cherished by your children & loved ones, so that tomorrow, we get back to the business of Motherhood and all of the above!